Can your business afford to be without telephones for 5 days?

Telephone Service Maintenance Level

We want to ensure businesses are aware of the time it will take for their fixed lines to be repaired, in the event of a fault. 

All fixed lines in this country on the BT Openreach network (almost all of them) are subject to a BT Openreach Service Level.  The Service Level is the only guide to how quickly or slowly a BT Engineer will be dispatched to a landline fault.

BT Openreach target fix times do range from 6 hours to as long as 5 days but, equally, the prices charged per month also range between both extremes.  It is important to match an appropriate Service Level to the anxiety felt if a fault could not be cleared for days.

How we can help

Abzorb is offering a no-obligation audit for any UK business (regardless of the current supplier) to find out the current Service Level associated with any of its landlines.  The process can normally be done remotely and takes a matter of minutes.  

Abzorb is also writing to its existing customers to inform them of their existing Service Level and provide them the opportunity to switch to a higher or lower Service Level, whichever is more appropriate to their business’s needs.

Please call us on 01484 405321 if you would like to arrange a free-of-charge audit or for more information.




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