Abzorbplus+ Mobile Leasing

Pay Monthly Finance Solutions for Mobile Devices Rental Pricing

Customer Business Benefits of Pay Monthly

A simple pay monthly finance solution is now available, specifically designed for the funding of smartphones, tablets and handheld computers. This solution provides a number of customer benefits:-

  • Customer familiar with buying devices this way.
  • Great for cashflow.
  • Upgrade to new devices at any time.
  • Rentals fully tax allowable.
  • Can include accessories, extended warranties etc. 
  • Payment normally taken from revenue budget.

Rental Pricing

On joining the programme you will be provided with a simple Excelbased calculator to enable you to produce rental figures for your customers. Additionally, the calculator can be used to restructure a deal to allow you to maximise your margin.

Simple Process – At Deal Level

The process for signing up a customer and offering them this solution is simple and straightforward. 

  • Call us to credit check customer.
  • Agree rental pricing with customer.
  • Have proposal formally accepted for credit.
  • Technology Rental agreement produced for customer.
  • Agreement signed allowing you to deliver devices.
  • Your invoice paid in 3 days. 

Call us on 01484 405 326 to join our mobile leasing programme. 





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