Case Study - Associated Waste Management

Associated Waste Management (AWM) is Yorkshire’s leading provider of sustainable waste resource management and commercial recycling solutions. 

Mike Robinson, Communications and Marketing Manager at AWM, said communication between the company’s 10 sites in West Yorkshire is “absolutely critical” in doing better business.

Tell us about AWM Mike…

We are an integrated waste management company employing around 270 full-time members of staff. We also have a number of temporary agency workers, that look to progress onto more permanent contracts with us.

When did you first partner up with Abzorb and how has the relationship evolved?

Well, it’s quite complicated in that we have 9 or 10 sites throughout West Yorkshire and communication between those sites is absolutely critical for us – particularly in regard to exchanging information. We process somewhere close to three quarters of a million tons of waste a year and we service lots of local authorities including Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds councils.AWM has used Abzorb for about 15 years and we use a mix of services, from dedicated internet and broadband through to telephone systems on all our sites. Abzorb manage and service those systems.

How do you work with Abzorb to make life at AWM as efficient as possible?

Many of our sites operate 24/7 so it’s key for us to have the ability to talk to someone if a communication issue does arise. For us, the service Abzorb provide is critical. If there is a problem we get resolutions very quickly. That’s where we feel we win with Abzorb, we get that service from them.

Can you tell us about the mobile side of things and how Abzorb has linked up with you on that?

Many of our managers and members of staff work out on site so it’s critical to have mobile connectivity, whether that be in the form of tablets or mobile phones. We need to be able to connect people and also have a good back office system so that we can manage things such as airtime and data time and to assist with the management of invoicing.With people working off site and in remote locations, being able to access them in terms of health and safety is crucial. Also, us being able to talk to our employees and getting that information back is key and vice versa. 

What about CSR?

In the same way that we have quite a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme, it’s important to us that suppliers to our business adopt the same kind of mentality. With Abzorb we know they have a strongly robust CSR programme similar to our own.

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