Case Study - Hepworth Motor Group

Hepworth Motor Group, whose strapline is ‘a small firm that tries harder’, has been run by the Brighton family since 1970. 

Managing Director Stephen Brighton caught up with Abzorb over coffee. 

Hepworth Motor Group is very much a central part of the Huddersfield community. How much do you value community?

We’ve got associations with a number of local communities including Overgate Hospice, Kirkwood Hospice, and Yorkshire Air Ambulance in particular. Others include Halifax RLFC, Huddersfield Town Football Club and Huddersfield Giants since 2013, which is when we first came across Abzorb actually.

How many staff have you got across your three sites in West Yorkshire?

At present we have 55 employees working across our three brands in Huddersfield, Halifax and Leeds. The Honda site in Huddersfield is the main site and has been around since 1980.

You previously mentioned Abzorb, how long have you worked together?

Three years now. We came across them through our partnerships with Huddersfield Giants in 2013 and Huddersfield Town FC in 2012. Both teams were sponsored by Abzorb so when we were looking to upgrade our IT services and telephones, I got in touch with them. I will always try to work with club partners and hopefully that reciprocates and keeps the businesses going.

Can you expand a little more on how you work with Abzorb, how the business provides you with a service, and how that improves efficiency?

From our perspective, we had a bit of a muddle of different providers so what Abzorb did was pull all that together. We soon had one bill and one point of contact with customer service – and they are local. It’s also reduced overall costs on both mobile and main bills.

What’s the most key to running a successful car dealership?

The company has had a strapline since my father founded the company in 1970 - ‘a small firm that tries harder’ and we’ve kept that strapline going. So, if you look after customers and you look after your staff, the staff will look after your customers and the customers look after the business. It’s not rocket science and I guess the reason we’ve been a Honda dealer for 40 years is because we do that. That ethos of ‘a small firm that tries harder’, makes a difference and customers like that. With the same people and the same faces our customers know the staff that have been with us for over 25 years. One recent example is a staff outing to Wetherby racecourse. Ten staff went who had 270 years of service between them. We’ve also got one of the longest serving technicians in the UK dealer network, just coming up to 50 years. It’s a family as well as business and customers recognise that.

What’s next for your group?

We’re in a period of consolidation, we’ve just added Mitsubishi in Halifax and we’ve got potential to develop in other locations. But for us at the moment our main point of call is the consolidation. I think, like a lot of people, I’ll be waiting to see what the outcome of Brexit is.

In regard to Abzorb, you alluded to the ‘one bill and one contact’ element. Is there any part of that customer service that you really like? Is it the reassurance? The expertise? The skill?

They have a really good relationship with our team. They’ve been a great fall-back, they pop in for a coffee on an informal basis. We’ve also just set up some new CCTV with them and got more internet for that. Basically, they do what they say and what we want them to do. It’s critical that there is a good relationship, we’re not just a number, they do know who we are, which is why they’ve had so much success. 

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