Huddersfield Town FC Goes Hyper-Fast With Abzorb

The internet has made a massive difference to how football fans consume their news.  Its website visited over a million times per month by their proud followers, Huddersfield Town found it had to manoeuvre its digital strategy around this changing landscape.  Town fans are now reliant on the official website and the social media presence for up to date news, team news, match reports, audio, video and plenty more.

In addition, there is an ever-growing demand for video analysis.  Keeping up with this demand requires a rapid connection and, ensuring the permanent availability of the service at such speeds, requires an internet provision that is backed by state-of-the-art resilience.  Abzorb partnered with infrastructure suppliers, City Fibre and BT, to deliver the following services:

  • A Gigabit (1000 Megabits) internet connection at the Huddersfield Town Stadium site using the state of the art, City Fibre, Huddersfield fibre network.
  • A dedicated Gigabit link (1000 Megabits), using the BT network, between the Stadium site and the PPG Canal Side training complex to create a single network for all users across both sites, all able to share resources, IT infrastructure and the City Fibre internet connection, despite being over a mile apart. 

Sean Jarvis, HTAFC Commercial Director, commented:

“We are very grateful to Abzorb for listening to our challenges and constraints and for developing a creative solution that is resourceful, resilient, and future proofed.  We were very impressed by the implementation process and look forward to continuing to develop our digital strategy with Abzorb, for the benefit of Town fans.”

Faruk Amin, Abzorb Sales Director, commented:

“Gigabit speeds are still out of reach for most organisations in the country.  Starting with those most local to us, Abzorb is committed to enabling businesses and communities to benefit from Gigabit speeds at affordable prices.  Huddersfield Town is a community and brand that is very important to Abzorb and we are very happy that we have created a solution that is helping it get closer to its fans, at a fraction of the cost typically quoted for these services." 

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