The 4G Opportunity

Posted 8 years ago

The roll out of 4G mobile services has had wide media coverage over the last year or so, with EE becoming the first network up and running.  What is 4G, though and what does it mean to business?

4G in Brief

In short 4G is a fourth generation mobile communication technology.  4G provides faster data connectivity - for the users download speeds can be up to  4 to 5 times faster than on existing 3G networks and at least double.  Because of this, 4G is ideally suited for services which demand more capacity like music or video streaming & mapping.

This means a music album taking over 20 minutes to download on a 3G phone could take only 5 minutes on 4G. 

What does this mean to business?

4G can provide many business benefits and these include:-

  • Increased productivity - working at office speeds whilst out of the office.
  • A more connected workforce with improved connection, communication and collaboration.
  • Improved data security - instant access to secured and centrally stored information.
  • Seamless mobile download of large files at higher speeds.
  • A more nimble responsive business - decision making is improved by timely remote collaboration.
  • Options to use 4G for failover for office broadband/data connectivity. 

So where are the networks up to with this 4G rollout?

EE have had a well reported head start as OFCOM, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, granted them permission to rollout prior to Vodafone and O2. 

Vodafone are investing £1bn in their network and services in 2014; currently Vodafone have 4G available in more than 233 towns and cities with a further 19 towns currently being added shortly.  Efforts to upgrade the network and, in certain cases, move to shared mast sites with 02 on a modernised national grid of 17,500 sites, will help to improve coverage across 2G, 3G as well as 4G.  OFCOM’s aim is that once the 4G rollout is completed across all networks, mobile broadband will be usable indoors for 98% of the population in towns and cities across the UK.

To take advantage of 4G you will need a 4G compatible device, a 4G tariff and 4G coverage in your area.  For more information on 4G and to understand 4G availability on Vodafone or O2 in your area, please visit please click here or contact us.

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