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Posted 3 years ago

By Luke Fieldhouse - Customer Care Team Member

The Customer Care team is the frontline of Abzorb, we function as the first point of contact for any customer or partner, any department or query. 

Ask us anything and we’ll probably have the answer! In the very rare instance that we don’t… we’ll find someone who does! Would you mind holding a minute please…?

As a close-knit team of 10 members of staff dealing with huge volumes of work *** (some eye watering figures below, if you dare!), effective organisation is key to ensuring that workloads are split evenly and dealt with in an organised manner.

One thing Abzorb stands for is always being able to talk directly to a person who has the skills to resolve your query or request. At a time of increasing AI and ‘chatbots’ where the customer care team are quite obviously trying to chat simultaneously with multiple people and their differing requirements at the same time. We are all bought in to answering a call within a few rings, no need to navigate through numerous call routing options or listen to hold music. The human touch and voice is something driven from our CEO down. 

Queries come in all shapes and sizes so we need to ensure we are fully prepared for whatever query could be next on the agenda. Variety, after all, is the spice of life! (Keeps us all on our toes at the very least!)

One call could be dealing with an individual user having difficulties with a very specific and isolated issue, the next call could be one of our major partners needing support with an order to process hundreds of connections with an untold number of variable factors. 

Because of the very nature of the role, we need to ensure we have access to each respective system and department at any given time, this means working across multiple different systems but the glory is they are all accessed by the same portal that our partners also use. 

The Abzorb Portal could well be considered as the MVP here, dealing with thousands upon thousands of tickets on a daily basis (again eye watering figures below, already warned you!), liaising with many different systems outside of the organisation and performing tasks and completing tickets 24 hours a day! 

Our IT team and development engineer wizards manage this day in day out… somehow… we don’t ask… we just wonder at the beauty and efficiency of it all! 

It is actually this portal that is now changing the role of customer care within Abzorb. Traditionally we would spend much of our day speaking with our partners and solving any problem, large or small. As our partners use the same portal as we do, they are becoming increasingly self-sufficient. The simplicity of the portal means that they can make any changes or requests themselves as quick or if not quicker then picking up the phone and talking to an Abzorb customer care team member. We are basically giving them the tools to operate just like a mobile operator or network provider themselves. 

Therefore, a day in the life of Customer Care is now much more about training partners on how easy it is to be self-sufficient, we focus more on our larger partners’ requirements or more complex unique needs, basically the Abzorb customer care team are really now a CRM team. 

Yes, we still solve simple requests for actions such as SIM swaps, bars, tariff changes, or fixed line and broadband changes etc., especially from end business users and new partners, but in general we now build very good relationships with our partners and the norm is that we are on first name terms with the vast majority of them. Our role is increasingly as a trusted advisor more than a basic problem solver. 

We always keep a close eye on the customer care wallboard, ensuring our own allocated tickets are managed. There is a team focus and when a colleague has tickets that are only just inside SLA, we all take the initiative and step in without being asked. It is great when you hear someone call across the office, “Hey Luke just sorted out your ticket for XYZ”

We also use the wallboard as a means to manage our daily activities, so we ensure that we meet our tickets most effectively whilst being proactive, and plan the day ahead to ensure we are increasingly being that Customer Relationship Manager that our partner truly values and sees as an Abzorb differentiator. Everyone of us are allocated time in our day to not answer the phones. We use this time to do anything from solving more complex needs maybe across multiple departments, CRM outbound call responsibilities, doing training webinars and even recording video tutorials as part of our “Get WiZe” learning zone.      

***Approx. figures

200 calls a day – 6000 a month

110 tickets a day – 3500 manually actioned tasks a month 

1000 automated tickets a day - 33,500 additional tickets a month 

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