Blog - Covid-19 Update, is it Business as Usual?

Posted 2 years ago



By Matt Dykes Abzorb COO.


As a business telecom service provider, we are still operating as normal with our doors firmly open (literally for all our head office internal doors)

We continue to support all our new and existing customer needs in these challenging times.


So, is this business as usual for Abzorb?


To be honest the number of support and consultative calls and therefore order and provisioning demands have increased dramatically over the last few weeks.

For us we have especially seen sizeable increased demand for flexible temporary voice, data and mobile services to meet business needs to stay connected in voluntary or enforced remote working scenarios. Especially in the areas below.


Voice Services:

  • Short-term contracts for hosted cloud voice services to meet the demand for temporary business homeworking needs.
  • Alternatively, increased support requests for customers with on-site PBXs needing to meet temporary new call routing configurations
  • Increasing SIP trunking and capacity requests


Mobile and Data Services:

  • Massive demand for temporary 30-day rolling business mobile contracts to ensure employees now needing to work remotely stay connected
  • Significant demand for extra temporary 'bolt-ons' and CapZ settings to existing mobile contracts to ensure they can still operate efficiently and effectively wherever they may be.
  • Massive demand for short-term flexible mobile broadband solutions such as the Vodafone GigaCube. Plus, additional hardware, routers or dongles. Especially critical when the fixed broadband is not available, not fast enough or is straining under the burden of business demands.


In effect it is business as normal for us at Abzorb but it means we are being called upon even more to ensure our business customers' needs are continued to be met in these unforeseen times.

Rest assured we are here 24/7 to support you and make sure your business can keep communicating effectively.


Please stay safe and well 


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