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Posted 3 years ago

Going Beyond Regulatory Spend Caps by Bradley Holmes – Abzorb Team Leader, Customer Care   

It’s been 12 months since the launch of Ofcom’s regulation changes to the Bill Spend Cap that service providers had to adhere to, which means it’s also been 12 months since the launch of Abzorb’s CapZ!

It has been an exciting 12 months with the changes we have made to our portal to help keep Partners and customers informed of their usage, putting the partners in control of alerting customers of spend.

The Bill Cap regulation was only ever intended to give the customer control over how much they wanted to spend beyond their UK Tariff allowance.

We at Abzorb changed this! We took away the proposed changes by Ofcom, and thought, how could we make this better?

The changes set by Ofcom only benefited new connections or upgrades from 01/10/2018 to a specific set of tariffs. Abzorb however, introduced another barring option ‘Auto Bar’ which benefited customers active before this date, and tariffs that didn’t qualify for Bill Cap – and in our opinion, it has been a complete success!

Over the past 12 months, our partners and customers are regularly informed on all usage, with alerting criteria set by themselves, by email or SMS!

Having trained and supported over a 100 reseller partners in CapZ alone, the difference they tell us is that we are enabling them to have total control and eliminate any surprises that traditionally has made their customers complain, dissatisfied and potentially leave.

In essence, the reseller who owns the entire customer relationship wants to offer a service that is above and beyond a business service they could get from the 3 major mobile operators (EE, O2 and Vodafone) we represent. CapZ is one of the tools they use to do this. Our resellers know their customer's business and their need for flexibility, CapZ allows them to own, manage and take control of company-wide or individual usage above and beyond their basic tariff.

For example, I often received calls regularly stating that this business customer is traveling extensively abroad this month can we change or increase his out of tariff voice and data needs to meet this special month. Now with CapZ our partners are doing this on the fly themselves through their portal, irrespective if the business customer is using the EE, O2 or Vodafone’s network or increasingly a mixture of all three.

They can use our self-service portal to make changes at any time depending on the business customer usage, whether they may be travelling abroad and need more roaming data, enforce or relax premium call usage, the list goes on and on. Enabling both our reseller and their customer to be alerted regularly and accurately and not when it’s too late!

It is all about flexibility and control for the reseller and their customer base. Giving tailor made and flexible controls, making changes anytime and from anywhere from a portal that the big network owners can’t offer.

Ofcom’s Bill Spend Cap is a regulatory safeguard against unexpected high bills, CapZ however is a service that goes well beyond a static set spend cap. It offers complete control and ensures the Business user predictability and flexibility, because let’s be honest very few businesses communications needs are static from one month to the next. We can even offer a white label solution for email notifications, meaning our partners can sit back and let CapZ do the work, with only the need to use our portal for tariff changes or bars, should the customer contact our partner about alerts they have received.

We believe the savings for partners and customers over this last year has been astronomical, all thanks to Abzorb’s alerting and barring tools, what do you think?”

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