Businesses can prevent bill shock and control their comms spend thanks to CapZ

Posted 3 years ago

Leading Telecoms provider Abzorb has launched their bill spend management tool in line with regulator Ofcom’s new bill spend cap legislation which called for all providers to offer customers monthly bill caps.

Businesses can now monitor and control their telecommunications expenditure and prevent bill shock and out of control spending thanks to ‘CapZ, a new bill spend management tool from Abzorb.

The leading telecoms provider has set up CapZ within its partner portal in a bid to put businesses in control.

It comes after regulator Ofcom introduced a new bill spend cap legislation on October 1.

Ofcom’s legislation states that all mobile providers must give the option to limit the cost of bills to new customers and to any existing customers who agree to extend their contract or enter into a new contract.

CapZ also allows businesses to control overseas mobile spend with a view to eliminating bill shock.

 Abzorb founder, Steve Beeby said CapZ gives large businesses - with diverse teams and multiple locations - the ability to control and manage bills in line with regulation while also protecting them.

 He said: “CapZ is an exciting new service from Abzorb that we are proud to say has gone live. 

“CapZ puts businesses in control.  Via the Abzorb Portal, businesses can manage customers’ alerts, in line with the new bill spend cap legislation. We are the only company that has the ability to do this and have very much addressed a need in the market.” 

He added: “Under the regulation we have built a system that works.

“In essence customer usage will be collected hourly 7-days-a-week and alerts then sent to customers, via text message or email, to let them know when they are nearing their monthly limit.

“Because teams vary so much in larger businesses, it’s good that with CapZ, they are not going to be hit with overage charges as that is a real bugbear.

“We also set this service up to cap bills – stop further usage or alerts at regular levels, which therefore allows you to decide what you do next.”

Abzorb, based in Brighouse, was founded in 1992 and provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and service, including mobiles, fixed lines, data, connectivity, SIP and hosted products.   It works with the industry’s leading names, such as BT, EE, O2 and Vodafone, to provide businesses with one contact, one bill and one solution for all their telecommunication and networking needs, all from one portal.

Abzorb are one of only a small number of Service Providers for Vodafone, O2 and EE which provides telecommunication services. It has been at the forefront of telecommunications for over two decades and has twice been named Mobile Distributor of the Year at the Comms National Awards.  


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