How the Internet can Transform Your Business Communication

Posted 6 years ago

The way in which we are doing business today is changing and evolving. This is due to the increase, in part, to superfast internet connectivity.

In the past businesses were limited by the connection speed they could receive but the increase in available bandwidth and the decline in the price of connectivity have made superfast connectivity more accessible.  The power of the internet means we are no longer limited to doing business in a small area.  We can grasp business opportunities throughout the UK and beyond.

Synchronically, progress in technological innovation has made the way we communicate via digital convergence possible, thanks to the development of connection methods.  Cloud-based services are among these technologies.  

To put it simply, the 'cloud' is a place where software and services run on the internet instead of your own computer.  A strong stable internet connection is vital to accessing the 'cloud'.  Services available in the cloud include server hosting, accessing applications, file sharing, and remote working.

It is also possible to add to cost savings by replacing old telephone technology such as ISDN, and on-site PBX, with SIP and cloud based telephony.  SIP is a secure IP solution for voice, video and a holistic approach to communication that provides businesses with an important stepping stone on the path from ISDN to a fully hosted communications solution.  In addition to improving call quality, the cost savings on call charges on SIP are a minimum of 20% cheaper.

The availability of the ultra-fast pure fibre gigabit broadband can help to further increase efficiency, and productivity, with faster downloading/uploading of files, holding seamless video conferencing or hosting high-performance, fully featured e-commerce websites.

It is so easy today to select the connectivity required based on the availability at your premises, and associated costs, as there are many websites that you can go to research and validate this.  You can also take advantage of BT Openreach’s £2800.00 contribution towards install costs.

Opting for a combined fixed line to mobile solution can help to increase a company’s productivity as well as enjoying the benefits from consolidating your communication needs. These changes can bring great additional benefits such as mobility access and disaster recovery.

We recommend businesses speak to a reputable telecoms service provider for guidance on how their business can take advantage of the above solutions.

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