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Posted 8 years ago

Just like moving home, relocating your business to new premises can be a very stressful experience.  Part of the process will include the relocation of your telephone and IT equipment to the new property and establishing whether or not the premises has the infrastructure in place to support them.

Quite often, a move could involve up to 4 companies just for the data, telecommunications infrastructure, and other equipment which is all important for the day to day running of any company.  Four companies means four different points of contact; you would almost certainly end up with the task of co-ordinating everything. Ensuring that your phone lines are installed in time for the phone system and your internet connection to go live is just one example of how the different parts of the jigsaw have to be put together in a certain order to achieve a successful move.

One way of reducing the stress is by reducing the number of companies you have to deal with.

Select an experienced provider which offers a relocation service that includes project management; from carrying out a survey of your existing site and your new building right through to your go live day and beyond.

Following the survey, you should receive a detailed project proposal and costs, which will include all relevant requirements.  Some essential elements to consider are voice and data cabling, telephone systems, network equipment (either new or existing), landlines and internet service provision.

The result should be a seamless move, with minimum downtime and little if any disruption to your business's operation. 

For assistance with moving your telecoms and network systems, please contact us.

Please click Local Area Network and Wide Area Network services for more information. 

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