Polyseam Goes International with Abzorb High Speed Gigabit Connection

Posted 6 years ago

Polyseam has been independently manufacturing first-class brands for the majority of the world's leading suppliers since 1993. Specialising in the development of professional sealants, Polyseam has a sister company in Norway and both companies are highly dependent on data connectivity between both countries and each other. 

Polyseam’s Manufacturing Director, Andrew Sutulic, commented on the challenges they have had until Abzorb installed the Gigabit connection:

“Our business relies heavily on having good connectivity between here and Norway as we transfer large files, quite often with graphics; previously this took a very long time, with frequent dropouts, and our remote users always complained about the slow internet speeds. All of this effects productivity as well.

Since we installed the Gigabit connection through Abzorb, we have seen a dramatic improvement in data speeds. We are now able to transfer files between both countries at incredible speeds and our remote users are now able to log in effortlessly. Also, our internet connection before was a shared service which meant we were always limited by other businesses in the area and how they used the internet.

Now that we have our own private, dedicated and secure connection, we can work stress free knowing that we have spare capacity with an unlimited data package as well as the fantastic speeds.

Working with Abzorb has been a pleasure as they genuinely care about service; having worked with a number of telecom companies in the past, I can tell you this is a rare trait “.

Faruk Amin, Abzorb Sales Director says, “Being able to help Polyseam overcome its challenges has been brilliant; when what we do makes a difference to our partners, that’s what motivates us to help more businesses. Having seen the benefits, other businesses in the area are also taking advantage of having this service installed through us“.

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