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A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) resales mobile voice and data communications services. An MVNO utilises the infrastructure and wireless capacity of a third-party mobile network operator (MNO) and resells it to consumers and/or enterprises under its own business brand.

MVNE is a "Mobile Virtual Network Enabler", a service provider who offers wholesale mobile and data services to MVNOs. They often aggregate many smaller MVNOs businesses to enable greater economies of scale and buying power of minutes from a Mobile Network Operator or a Mobile Network Aggregator.

They can offer wholesale services to resellers under a brand as well as enabling businesses becoming MVNOs themselves under their own name or brand.

An MVNE will bring all the required functionality for a reseller to become an MVNO. Often enabling smaller entities to become an MVNO where they do not have the scale, skills, initial upfront capital or time to invest in becoming a direct MVNO with a mobile network operator.

They will provide OSS and portal platforms, provisioning, management and billing and will also invest in high volumes of wholesale minutes to offer competitive solutions for smaller MVNO’s to compete directly with network operators.

The abZ service means that any reseller can become an MVNO without signing up to 10,000s or even 100,000s of connections. We have done all the investment for you so all you need to make is either a comparatively small set-up cost or even amortize that investment over 24 months.

In the eyes of an end customer absolutely nothing! MVNO and MVNO Lite is terminology used by some providers but is not an industry recognised definition. Some may determine that an MVNO Lite is an MVNO that does not need to invest in their own back office systems and simply use an MVNE to provide everything.

The abZ MVNO agreement utilises BT/EE’s network infrastructure. Recognised by analysts as the UK’s largest mobile network and the fastest for 4G services according to Rootmetrics (2019).

On average it takes 6-8 weeks from contract to offer a ‘own brand’ MVNO service.

No, the agreement also utilises a complete international roaming service with inclusive minutes for many European countries and the options for additional international roaming bundles.

The abZ branded service or MVNO own branded service offers a complete suite of tariff options from including multiple single, sharer and flex solutions and a vast number of additional bundles. Please refer to the commercial pack for more details.

The simple answer is yes. You can enable your larger business customers to have their own branded service including SPN and SIM cards branded as their own service. Please note that each MVNO branded customer would incur their own MVNO set up costs and administration needs.

Yes you can, as an MVNO you can request us to develop and white label the Abzorb one portal under your own branding giving you a secure end-to-end solution for your own full ordering, provisioning and management of your own operations.

The abZ and MVNO service has been predominantly built for business users but we can develop solutions for you to offer a B2C service too. Please talk with your Business Development Manager to discuss tailored solutions for this market opportunity.

We have built all our packages and tariffs to be very competitive in the industry and give you a competitive advantage. If there are specific additional tariffs that you wish to offer than we are very open to discuss the commercial viability of these.

A CDR is a “Call Detail Record”, it is a data record produced by the mobile network detailing telephone calls, SMS/Text messages and data usage by each mobile customer. It does not include actual message or voice or data content but is used by mobile providers to ascertain usage, billing information and utilisation of inclusive voice, text and data tariff limits.

CDRs are vital when assuring mobile customers are alerted, capped or barred when nearing their tariff limits or exceeding those limits. This is critical to ensuring end customers do not receive any surprising high out of package costs.

All mobile networks work with historic data when producing CDR records, traditionally that can mean anything from 3 or 4 hours old to even days when looking at voice and data usage domestically and international roaming traffic.

“Near real-time” CDRs mean that we collect this data every minute without any of that historic “out of date” accuracy. This means that alerts, Capz and bars are sent as soon as the limits are met keeping your customers always informed and safe in the knowledge of your billing accuracy.

A true market differentiator between a consumer and business service.

We will provide you with a SIM card guidelines document including graphic requirements and quality instructions. All you need to do is give us your design within those guidelines and we will print those SIM cards for you within a nominal very small minimal quantity.

All you need to do is provide us with what unique name you would like to utilise (maximum 11 letter characters) as the service provider name on the handset and we will do all the work for you.

Yes you will need to order new SIM cards and utilise the portal to provision those numbers to the new network.

No we can offer integration services to your existing billing platforms or you can utilise our own industry leading fastest and most accurate billing platform as an MVNO or a branded bill as part abZ bureau biller agreement.