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Hosted VoIP FAQ

There are disaster recovery modes available. Calls can be diverted to a group of mobiles or calls can be accessed via a mobile app that mirrors the appearance of your desk phone or softphone using 4G connectivity.

For every live call you are only using 85Kbps of broadband bandwidth, so having 10 concurrent calls at once would only use 0.85Mbps of bandwidth on your service.

For £35 per month, you can install a voice only broadband service. But 99% of all broadband services are fine to use with VoIP. In most cases you won’t even notice a difference in your broadband speed.

All maintenance and support is included in the monthly licence price. There are no additional service charge costs.

All handsets come with 12-month warranty as standard for all programming & device faults. If a handset were damaged, you’d need to purchase a new device.

Our cloud telephony solution uses a seat model which means that you pay one price per month, for all features, across multiple devices. Further feature upgrades are also included.

Some key features to mention included are : Call recording, voicemail to email, hunt groups, auto attendant, wallboards & reporting plus many more…

We aim to setup a fully functioning Hosted VoIP system within 24 hours.

Yes, Abzorb offers a self-designed portal that users can access to make individual and company changes.

A number port is required to move telephony numbers from one service to another. You’ll need to complete a Letter of Authority to send to your old carrier, which would instruct them to move existing numbers to a new cloud telephony service, with minimal downtime for the end user.  

Yes, all telephony numbers can be ported into the Abzorb system. You just need to complete the required transfer documents to move from one voice service to another.

Cloud telephony services allow users to:
·      Make cost savings
·      Be scalable and flexible
·      React to and plan better for emergencies
·      Integrate with the latest technologies
·      Work remotely.  

With ISDN andPSTN networks being switched off in 2025, you’ll need to replace any existing analogue technology with an IP replacement solution.

The good news is that this replacement technology can help deliver cost savings along with enhancing features compared to your current systems.

Yes, you can connect infinite sites and home workers into one solution, all managed from one platform.

Yes, wherever there is an internet connection you can take your cloud telephony service with you. Or even use a laptop-based or mobile softphone application.