Case Study

Abzorb Save the Day by Connecting Pure Physiotherapy

Pure Physiotherapy were shocked to discover its broadband provider had announced that in 30 days they would be disconnected and services would no longer be available.


Pure Physiotherapy is an innovative and clinically led expert musculoskeletal physiotherapy company that offers the highest quality assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from back pain and knee pain to sporting injuries. 

Its sister company is MLAS (Medical and Legal Admin Services), and they are part of the Unity Health Group which has extensive experience in partnering with the NHS for many years and are now one of the biggest independent providers of First Contact Physiotherapy in the country.

Staying Connected

Pure Physiotherapy were shocked to discover its broadband provider had announced that in 30 days they would be disconnected, and services would no longer be available.

This was the first they had heard of it so naturally they were alarmed and had to find a supplier that could connect them urgently. If they didn’t have access to a fast and reliable broadband, then colleagues and patients wouldn’t be able to communicate and collaborate.

Online appointments and services couldn’t happen and as a result it would damage their brand and hugely reduce the patient’s experience.

A Trusted Solutions Provider

Pure Physiotherapy is an existing customer of Abzorb, who supply and support their IP telephony, so they turned to them to see if they could connect them to broadband urgently. 

Seamless Communications

Abzorb supply IP telephony from Xelion which enables over 500 physiotherapists across the UK to offer online appointments, diagnosis, and treatment virtually to patients via videoconferencing calls using Microsoft Teams, so it is critical that the connectivity is fast, secure, and reliable. It is also vital that all physiotherapists can access the broadband services even those in rural areas with poor connectivity.

Saving the Day

Abzorb stepped in last minute and saved the day by supplying Pure Physiotherapy with a rapid deployment of fast, secure, and reliable broadband service. Enabling them to avoid any downtime and loss of service resulting in a reduced customer experience, making them realise just how valuable fast, secure, and reliable connectivity and a trusted partner really is.


  • Existing broadband provider informed them they were going to disconnect connectivity in 30 days without warning.
  • To find a trusted solutions provider that wouldbe able to provide connectivity ASAP.
  • Alarmed they would experience loss of business due to not being able to offer online appointments if not connected.
  • To read and update patients’ NHS records.


  • Abzorb connected them in 10 days to SoGEA fast and dependable broadband solution.
  • Abzorb VPN access.
  • Capability to access HSCN and patients’ records.
  • Cloud telephony from Xelion.


  • Connected to fast and reliable broadband in only 10 days.
  • Ability to connect to HSCN to access patients NHS records and update them.
  • Enabling employees and patients to communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

Abzorb saved the day

“When we learnt from our previous supplier that they were ceasing connectivity in only 30 days we realised just how much we rely on a fast and reliable broadband service, all day, and every day.

We were very lucky and delighted that Abzorb stepped in and saved the day by providing connection to a fast, reliable, and secure broadband service in only 10 days. Any down time would have been detrimental to our business.”

Thomas Heppenstall
Unity Health Group